Conditioned Water Saves You Money!
Save on Soap, Save Your Appliances, SaveYour Clothing & Save on Energy!

Most well water has high concentrations of dissolved hard minerals that clog plumbing, faucets, and appliances. Some wells also contain high amounts of iron, sulfur and other containments that gives water a bad taste and odors, as well as causing staining on laundry and plumbing fixtures.

Effects of Hardness

WaterPipe Scaling: Hard water deposits a rock-like scale in pipes causing corrosion, leaks, and restricted water flow and reduced water pressure.

WaterWater Heater: Heated water forms rock-like scale faster. Scale builds up on heat element reducing efficiency and shortening appliance life. According to a 1980 study by New Mexico State University, soft water can save 22% in water heater energy costs.*

WaterSkin/Hair: Scale forms on skin and hair too, dulling the complexion, irritating skin and contributing to hair problems. Soft water is recommended for keeping hair and skin healthy.

WaterFixtures: Scale clogs and erodes working parts of plumbing fixtures and appliances often resulting in expensive repairs or replacement.

WaterGlassware/Dishes: Soap curds with hard water causing spotting of tableware. Hard water increases soap and chemical costs and seriously affects automatic dishwasher operation.

WaterClothes: Hard water dulls colors, makes towels and clothes feel stiff and scratchy and requires use of harsh soaps and chemicals thus reducing fabric life. Washer manufacturers recommend soft water to lower maintenance costs and increase appliance life.

*22% BTU savings on gas heaters. 17% BTU savings with electric heaters.
Source: Water Quality Association bulletin 18/80.