Water Filtration Systems

Countertop and under sink filtration that meets or exceeds bottle water quality for just pennies a gallon. With filters designed to remove lead, heavy metals, chlorine, giardia and cryptosporidium.



Under sink Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water systems

RO Filter

RO drinking water systems economically combine the best of water conditioning and purifying technologies to provide purer, clearer, and fresher tasting water. Water that is good for you…that could favorable impact the quality of your life.



Today RO is regarded the world over as the most efficient way of cleaning water. RO systems combine membrane technology with various filter medias to successfully remove as much as 98% of all dissolved solids and virtually 100% of all organic compounds to provide healthy and clean tasting water.

RO  provides pure water to make your coffee, tea, and other homemade beverages and soups more flavorful.
RO water rinses organic fertilizers, pesticides and containments from fresh fruits and vegetables. It makes hard clear ice cubes that melt more slowly than cubes made from ordinary tap water.  

Common impurities typically reduced or removed by the RO system:

WaterGiardia Lamblia
WaterHeavy Metals
WaterRadio Active Isotopes

WaterTDS (total dissolved solids)
WaterTHM’s(trihalomethanes) a by product of some municipal chlorinated systems


Bacteria Contaminated Water

Some water sources have or are susceptible to contamination from E. coli, viruses, and other bacteria. Ultraviolet treatment for these contaminants is an effective way of treating  these problems safely and without the use of harmful and distasteful chemical disinfectants.

Ultraviolet water sterilizers incorporate natural ultraviolet light energy to eradicate microbiological contamination. This method is commly used for: 

S Wells
S Cottages
S Homes
S Water systems
S Laboratories
S Pharmaceutical

S Restaurants
S Hospitals
S & Many more

Our filters incorporates modern technology to solve an age-old problem. Bacteriological contamination can be present in all water supplies, especially rural areas or areas which are not treated with municipal water systems. It is recommended that no surface waters be consumed without adequate microbiological treatments, regardless of how the water is tested. Our products protects your water naturally by using cleansing ultraviolet light. Unlike traditional disinfection methods such as chlorination (which can react with natural organic matter in water to produce biproducts called trihalomethanes (THM's), and cause objectionable taste and odor), UV imparts no residual chemicals into the water. The result is the most simple cost effective way of treating your water!