Cleaner Enviroment Technologies is a full service company offering over 300 quality products and services in Water Treatment, Conditioning and Filtration.

Our access to dozens of manufacturers throughout the country gives us the advantage and flexibility to meet your specific water treatment needs.

All with the value, quality, satisfaction and service you deserve.

Clean water is necessary for a healthful and enjoyable life, but can no longer be taken for granted in our world today. That’s where Cleaner Enviroment Technologies comes in.

Water Treatment:

WaterSalt-Free/Chemical-Free Conditioners
WaterHard water treatment systems
WaterConventional Treatment Systems
WaterBacteriostatic’ Medias
WaterContaminant Removal Systems
WaterBacteria Treatment & Removal
WaterSediment Filtration
WaterUltra-Violet Treatment Systems
WaterReverse Osmosis
WaterAcid Water Treatments
WaterLead & Heavy Metals Removal
WaterIron & Sulphur Removal
WaterFiltered ‘Bottle-Less’ Water Coolers
WaterWell Disinfection
WaterTesting & Analysis


Warranties & Maintenance:

All of our products come with some of the best warranties available in the water treatment industry. Most of our water treatment and filtration systems are “homeowner” friendly with low maintenance requirements. All of our equipment comes with easy to read and follow owner’s manuals and a full explanation by us upon completed installation.